The Individual Treaty of Peace

In this project I dealt with the complex relationship that came from the changing political situation of the Korean war. This was motivated by conversation about the fellowship with an international student who came from China. We are both international students, and friends, and through our friendship I came to consider our opposing nationalities, being Korean myself


 About 60 years ago, China and the U.S entered into the Korean war, which resulted in many American and Chinese fatalities. However, since the cease fire was announced, the countries have not had any hostile activity for several decades. Although the two countries have shared peace for a long time, the Korean war is not technically finished, it is just under cease fire. If the Korean war was to restart again, China and the U.S would automatically participate in the war again by the Treaty of Amity. If this were to be the case, could myself and my friend still share the same level of friendship as before? The treaty has highlighted how much the relationship could become fragile due to our nationalities, by indicating the short expiry date for peace, a tiny renewable date and a brittle material such as a wax stamp.

the Individual Treaty of Peace

printing on a paper, wax, tread, 2014