Stay Boy

: A Personal Manifesto

Year: 2014

Medium: Threading on paper

Size: 42×51cm


This personal manifesto poster was designed to give me a sense of responsibility for my declaration.


I considered the fact that many futurists' manifestos in the early 20th century insisted on an elitist love for violence, a glorification of warfare as a purifying force,  a manic love for speed, technology and progress, a misogynous disdain for women, a passionate loathing for all things past, the notion of a new man being created by modern technology, etc. And their manifestos changed after World War I, as they became Dadaists discontented with violence, war, and nationalism.


Every manifesto must be written very carefully, and it requires a strong sense of responsibility. For that reason, I made my manifesto poster by threading on paper. Thereby, even if the declaration must be withdrawn at any point and the threaded manifesto sentences removed, many small holes created by threading will remain. The holes will be able to bring the declaration back to me forever..

(The personal manifesto was the first project in a design graduate class, at the University of Texas at Austin. A manifesto is a public declaration, often political in nature, of a group or individual’s principles, beliefs, and intended courses of action. In this project, I was asked to write my own manifesto that 'manifests' my personal goals and ideas. The project was to design my manifesto into a typographical poster, and to leave a blank space for any additional items that I might want to add later on. It should be acted upon throughout my two-year graduate study.)

The backside of my manifesto poster