Diagrams for Beaugly & Monster Project

Study for Beaugly System


Year: 2006

Medium: 2d graphic / illustrator

Size: Variable size


This diagram is my impression regarding ‘Beaugly universe’. The universe my work presents is composed of the combination of images extracted from the world we are currently residing. A myriad of images I met in my daily life are stored somewhere in my head. A few everyday images that are extremely contrastive and have nothing to do with each other become one through my imagination and turn eventually to completely disparate objects. They establish their own territory by reproducing and multiplying themselves in the same manner they return to their previous images, They are regarded as a catalyst provoking the viewer's imagination and also a window to gaze at another universe that undoubtedly exists somewhere.

Study for Monster Project


Year: 2006

Medium: 2D computer graphic / illustrator

Size: variable size


The impression of my monster project is based on a 'Beaugly' system. A monster is created when children's visual experience of 'Beaugly'is blended with a sensation of horror. Through a wide variety of approaches, the Monster Laboratory's researcher fellows collect materials and capture monsters. They also invent the equipments to detain monsters, thereby helping children relieve their horrors of the monster. While seeing this equipment, each viewer conjures up his own 'Beaugly' and come up with the idea of the third universe.