Instruction of B-Palm

B-Palm Security System

; This system is for people who don’t want to share their medical information.

1. 1st step for private security.

Think about it.

What is the most effective way to completely control your private pictures on the Internet?

The answer is to not upload them at all.

Control lever

Physical Disconnection

Have you ever installed Windows operating system on your personal computer? When you do that, the very first precaution to take before installing is that you should not connect your computer to the Internet. This is because not connecting with the web is the safest way to protect your computer from a virus or from being hacked. Therefore, I suggest to use a physical method in order to protect your private information.

2. Saving on a smart pill.

After receiving treatment, the patient takes the smart pill. The pill scans their body, responds and records the body’s condition, and then sends this information to a 3D printer in their home.


The smart pill is a tiny ingestible computer that has medical effects.

3. Creating a 3D object having medical information.

The 3d printer encrypts the information and embodies it into a 3D object.

Consequently, the information that patients do not want to share only exists in the smart pill and in the 3D printer’s storage. This way, patients can completely control their medical information.

4. Wearable smart device-contact Lens Type

After that, they can receive the doctor’s illustration regarding their body’s condition by using wearable smart devices.

Even if the patient loses their object, this is not a problem. It is only by matching a patient’s retina with their 3D object’s code that would provide the patient’s information.

5. Revisiting Hospital

When the patient revisits the hospital, they bring their 3D object with them and gives it to the healthcare providers. After matching with their iris, the information would be utilized for their treatment, and the 3d object will be destroyed.

B-Palm Security System Diagram


The B-Palm will contribute to new job creation. This business model needs computing engineers and designers to make better 3d object. As well, dismissed health providers due to medical robot can be employed as medical explainers in V.R and A.R.