1. Problem and Context:

Key Findings & Possible Scenario in 2045

In the future, as we use big data more and more, there will be an increase in organizations or companies that deal with the data. In order to stay up-to-date for improving the efficiency and accuracy of big data, they will require an increasing amount of information from individuals. Along with that, the necessity of private information security will increase. Medical information is not an exception. According to the Millennium project 2040, robots would routinely carry out surgery by 2018. Besides, in hospital, medical robots loaded A.I (Artificial Intelligence) based on Big data will replace many doctors. Thereby, hospital systems will be more computerized and automatized. Additionally, futurists, such as Ray Kurzweil, expect that Technological singularity will be realized between 2045. This is the moment that A.I gets ahead of human’s intelligence for computer technology. In this situation, it will be more difficult for us to maintain control of our private medical information.

Design Challenge

Create a system to control security of the digital data from A.I check-ups and robotic operation.



How might we give individuals full understanding of their own medical data?


How might we make individuals to take the ownership of controlling their own privacy setting?


How might we make this digital data tangible?


How might we personalize the healthcare environment using technology?